Join the Partners Program


If you want to join our partner group, please send us an email presenting your company, providing some references on your work and/or experience (preferably with .NET nanoFramework).


We expect that .NET nanoFramework partners, being recommended by us and benefiting from the visibility on our web site and documentation, are up to the task of providing an excellent level of support and commitment to companies or individuals that request for such assistance.

They should be proficient on the .NET Framework, nanoFramework tools and know their way around the various project components.

The best way to show this is by actively contributing to the various repositories, being around in Discord community and spreading the word about .NET nanoFramework.


You’ll be listed in the .NET nanoFramework website (name, logo and contact). A short description of your company and link to your official web presence, along with a list of your current offer in the partner ecosystem.
When we receive a request for a partner, we’ll try to match the contact requirements to the best available partner.